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Import and Export tool for the Frontline TEAMS gradebook.
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User Guide:


Click the “Export Grades to Excel” button to create an excel document with your current class’s TEAMS grades.
Optionally, you can modify this file and then re-import it with new grades. Or you can use this to make a quick class roster.



There are three types of files the Teacher Tools extension can currently import. These will be referred to as “Excel File” from now on.

  • TEAMS exports made with the Teacher Tools extension. (See above)
  • Canvas Gradebook exports
  • A “Generic” Excel file with Student IDs in the first column and assignment names in the column headers.

To import grades, drag-and-drop your Excel File onto TEAMS , or click Choose File to select a file from your computer.

The Import feature will do the following:

  1. Scan your Excel File for assignment names.
  2. Search TEAMS for those assignment names.
  3. Prompt you with the assignments found and ask if you wish to continue
  4. Search your Excel file for all students in your TEAMS gradebook by their Student ID number.
  5. Grades for found students will be updated in TEAMS.
    The Excel File may contain additional students, those will be ignored. 
  6. Grades for other assignments will not be affected.

In order for the Grade Importer to work ensure the following are true:

  • Assignment names in the Excel File match the assignment names in TEAMS. Order of assignment columns does not matter.
  • The non-assignment columns (such as Student ID, Name, Grade, etc) are in their original locations in the Excel File as it was when exported, if using a Canvas or TEAMS Export. Otherwise, Student ID must be in the first column.
  • There are no empty column headers in the Excel File
  • Each grade value in the Excel File must be:
    • An integer between 0 and the maximum grade for the assignment (usually 100)
    • “MSG”
    • “EXC”
    • “ABS”
    • “I”
    • “EX”
    • “Missing”
    • “Excused”
    • “Incomplete”
    • “N/A”
    • blank.
  • If using an export from Canvas:
    • Do not modify the first five column headers
    • Do not delete Row 2 with “(Read Only)” information
    • Student ID must be in column C
    • Assignment names will include a Canvas Assignment ID in parentheses at the end such as “My Quiz (12345)”
      This number will be removed automatically by Teacher Tools.
    • You can rename assignments in Excel. If you do so, you do not need to have a number in parentheses at the end.

When you install Teacher Tools, Chrome will prompt you for permission to “Read and Change your data on a number of websites”


This is necessary in order for Teacher Tools to enter grade values on your behalf.

If you click Show Details you will see only the websites of school districts that use the Teams gradebook.
Teacher Tools does not have access to any websites other than those listed there:


You can further limit TeacherTools to only run on your school district site by modifying the “Allow Access” option in the Chrome Extension Settings.
Click here to see how. 

Version 0.2.8:
• Export Roster to Excel and Copy Roster to Clipboard functions now appear more reliably

Version 0.2.7:
• Added Export Roster to Excel and Copy Roster to Clipboard functions to Class Roster Page

Version 0.2.6:
• Added support for grade values of “Missing”, “Excused”, and “Incomplete” to aid in importing grades from Schoology
• Added support for grade value of “N/A” produced in some instances by Canvas (interpreted as a blank)
• Added notifications for invalid grade values: Negative numbers, too large of values, or invalid text values.
• Fixed bug when importing Canvas files to only remove parentheses when they contain a purely numeric value (To remove the auto-generated Canvas Assignment ID appended in parentheses).
• Removed support for importing assignment with names containing “<” and “>” to protect from malicious attacks.
• Renamed “ferpa()” function to “TTferpa();” to mask student names and IDs

Version 0.2.5:
• Re-implemented support for all school districts using the Teams gradebook. Note: Teacher Tools will request the ability to “Read and change your data on a number of websites”. The websites listed are the school districts that use Teams. 
• Migrated to JQuery Dialog boxes to allow more text than Browser Alert and Confirm commands
• Removed logic for detecting “Pass” and “Incomplete” from Version 0.2.4 as it was only needed for Spring 2020.
• Added “ferpa()” console function to hide student names and IDs to assist with remote troubleshooting while respecting student data privacy.
• Added Google Analytics for anonymous user interaction data collection
• Added Paypal Donation link to extension popup menu
• Migrated Help documentation to www.shafferware.com/teachertools

Version 0.2.4:
• Updated support for detecting “Pass” versus “Incomplete” designations. Now highlights “Passing” with green, “Incomplete” with yellow, and invalid “Incomplete” entries as red.

Version 0.2.3:
• Added support for detecting incorrect “Pass” versus “Incomplete” designations on the Report Card tab due to new grading policy as of May 27, 2020.

Version 0.2.2:
• Added support for accessing Teams from either the “cloud” or the “portal” in Austin ISD.

Version 0.2.1:
• Removed the permissions for the extension to work in any school district. This caused users to need to accept too broad of permissions. [*.* is unacceptable. A new solution is being developed to support multiple school districts]
• Updated User Interface to streamline appearance.

Version 0.2.0:
• Added feature to track the grade importing progress.
• Dimmed and disabled buttons to prevent accidental clicking during the importing process.
• Updated User Interface.
• Added compatibility and access for all school districts [This added URL pattern matching for *.* ]