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Authorized Use Only; Required Consent to Terms and Conditions:
Use of Teacher Tools requires your consent to the terms and conditions below. Do not use Teacher Tools if you do not agree to these terms and conditions.

Chrome Permissions:
Teacher Tools will request the ability to “Read and change your data on a number of websites”. This permission is necessary to enter grades on your behalf. The websites for which such permission will be requested are the school districts that use the Frontline Education SIS (TEAMS) gradebook, and may be revised from time to time.

Liability Release:
Teacher Tools is provided “AS-IS” and with no warranties of any kind whatsoever. Teacher Tools is intended to assist teachers by reducing the time it takes to enter grades and while it attempts to do so reliably and accurately, no such promise or guarantee is provided. For example, there may be unexpected behavior that causes grades to be incorrectly imported, or for other errors and unexpected downtime to occur. It is ultimately the user/teacher’s responsibility to ensure a student’s grade is accurately recorded and reported in whatever system the user/teacher is responsible for using and correctly reflects the academic performance of students in such system. Users/teachers are encouraged to take the time to audit and review the results of Teacher Tools automation at all times. By using Teacher Tools you agree to release and hold Shafferware Technologies LLC, its owners, employees, contractors, representatives, and agents, harmless from any and all claims, liability, expenses, or damages of any kind relating in any manner to use of Teacher Tools, including, but not limited to, arising out of unexpected downtime, grading inaccuracies, data breach of a user’s own system(s) or device(s), or otherwise.

Teacher Tools reads and modifies the client view of the Frontline Education SIS (TEAMS) gradebook. If Frontline Education changes the implementation of their website, Teacher Tools may no longer function properly. Teacher Tools is not affiliated with Frontline Education in any manner, and any reference thereto is descriptive and/or nominative only. Any depiction and/or images of Frontline Education SIS (TEAMS) in screenshots or otherwise is for descriptive purposes and is limited to that necessary to describe the way in which Teacher Tools can be used to supplement such software.

Student Data Privacy:
Teacher Tools takes your privacy and the privacy of students seriously. We have minimized the data necessary for Teacher Tools to work in keeping with the principle of “Privacy By Design.” All student data is intended to be processed locally in the web browser of each user/teacher device. This is accomplished by injecting Dynamic HTML into the front-end (client view) of the Frontline Education SIS (TEAMS) webpage to process student data. No student data is ever sent to or received by Teacher Tools. When used as intended, the only time student data is sent across a network or internet connection will be via a native Frontline Education SIS (TEAMS) JavaScript function in order to communicate with the Frontline Education SIS (TEAMS) server, which is the same process if such data was manually entered. Installing and using Teacher Tools in an authorized manner therefore will not expose you to any additional student data privacy risk compared to you entering grades manually into the Frontline Education SIS (TEAMS) gradebook. Regardless of such precautions, any data is only as secure as a user’s own hardware, network environment, and internet connection, and Teacher Tools does not increase the security of your own data. Your use of Teacher Tools is conditioned upon reasonably appropriate safeguards by the user/teacher for the local device and network on which the device is connected, and Teacher Tools should never be used in an unauthorized manner.

Data Usage:
Anonymized usage data is sent to Google Analytics to improve the user experience and application reliability. The use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Chrome Web Store User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. This data includes, but is not limited to: How many times files are imported; How many new grades are successfully imported (but not what those grade values are or any information about the students they are for); Which error notification windows are encountered and information about the error encountered; What website hostname is being used (to identify the school district usage); Anonymized Internet Protocol address with estimated geographic location. This data is transmitted via modern cryptography over a secure connection and stored at rest using a strong encryption method. No personally identifiable information (name, username, email address, phone, etc) is transferred. Identifiable user data is never sold by Shafferware Technologies LLC (as Shafferware Technologies LLC will never have it).

Teacher/User Information and Communications:
Donations sent to Shafferware Technologies LLC via PayPal or other means may include identifying information of the donor (such as name and email address used for the donor’s account) but it will remain in such third party system(s) pursuant to the the privacy policy thereof, and will not be utilized by Shafferware Technologies LLC for any other purpose. Should Shafferware Technologies LLC establish email communications with users in the future, appropriate CAN-SPAM compliant procedures will be followed for such emails, and user information provided to facilitate such emails will not be used for any other purpose without the user’s consent.

Google Analytics Disclaimer:
This extension uses Google Analytics to collect extension usage statistics to help improve user experience. To learn more about the use of cookies and other methods Google Analytics uses which may involve data, please see “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps”, (located at If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, please visit or you can set up a filter in Adblock Plus or similar ad blocker tools like AdBlock, uBlock or Adblock Pro.

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